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What exactly does therapy do?

You want something you don’t already have.

You may not even know what that something is.

You just know there's more out there.

You might gain a better understanding.

  • Understanding around who you are and what you’re all about

  • Understanding about what’s going on in your life and why it’s affecting you 

  • Understanding of how your choices may be helping or even hindering your own happiness

You may go through a process of acceptance.

  • Acceptance of life as it is

  • Acceptance of your responsibility in your own story

  • Acceptance of the fact that that you can’t make other people change or act differently

  • Acceptance of what it’s going to take to get the results you want

You could find skills.

  • Skills to notice when something’s off inside

  • Skills to come back to center when you feel off-balance

  • Skills to face challenging situations with a newfound calm and confidence

These are all signs of change.

We often think of change as seeing external circumstances shifting; but in fact, substantial change can occur internally as well just by adjusting how we see or respond to things.

Whether you’re seeking clarity, a new direction, or ways to handle some of life’s harsher realities, make the most of this moment by using it to move forward.

So, will therapy pay off?

As with all adventures, we’re never certain where the journey will take us.

That said, therapy is a place of possibility—a chance to achieve something new. 

Strive for meaningful change with someone committed to helping you. 

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