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GBTQ+ Themes

We all deserve help.

Struggle is universal, and it can be too much to bear alone. All kinds of people seek out therapy for all kinds of reasons.

This includes gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and a whole host of other GBTQ+ identified people.

It’s getting better out there, isn’t it?

As public awareness, perceptions and legal rights shift daily, all who fall into this population have likely experienced at one time or another varying levels of discomfort, discrimination and marginalization. Not just from strangers—several experience all of these in their own homes.

We can be our own worst enemies.

For many, an equally difficult struggle occurs within. Questioning one’s own gender and/or sexual identity, letting go of the “normal” template we’re all raised with, feeling scared, unsafe, lost, alone, confused.

Modern Family


Some situations are unique to the population, such as dating someone of the same gender, transitioning or coming out. Other times, common symptoms like depression, anxiety and low self-esteem are present and connected to one’s GBTQ+ identity.

And not everyone gets it.

Unfortunately, mental health professionals are generally taught to provide therapy from a “heteronormative” perspective, leaving the unique and diverse experiences of GBTQ+ clients to their imaginations.

You have a right to quality care.

You deserve a competent therapist, one who is trained and truly prepared to address the complex context of life as a GBTQ+ person. A positive, welcoming attitude isn’t enough. Never settle for a therapist who hasn’t earned the right to work with you. 

Come get the help you deserve.

Having a therapist who can see and understand all aspects of the one-of-a-kind person you are is essential. Whether you are working through GBTQ+ specific themes or universal challenges in a GBTQ+ context, I'm prepared to serve you.

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