Can’t get to therapy right now?  


You don’t have to go anywhere. Let therapy come to you​

Why try online therapy? 

We live in a busy world, full of competing priorities, and it's all too easy to sacrifice our own health and self care. 


Not everyone can get across town for a therapy appointment once a week, but that doesn't change that we need help sometimes. 

For some, it's more about quality. Not everyone can find a local therapist who has the training and specialization needed for what they might be going through. 

Can online therapy help? 

Recent studies endorse the effectiveness of modern online therapy, and more people are going this route to get the help they need. 

Whether you're at home or even in a conference room on your lunch break, you can carve out time just for you to remain at your best. 

You can wonder, or you can find out

Think online therapy might be the path for you? Make an appointment today for a free initial consultation.