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You crave relief from worry and stress. 

The world around you feels so intense, and the pressure is building. More and more, you sense impending danger .  

Then it's all you can think about. Your mind searches for ways stop bad things from happening. 

It starts with obsessions. 

From out of nowhere, your intrusive thoughts appear. They're persistent, never leaving you alone.

What if something bad happens? Even worse, what if it happens because of something you do or don't do?

You never asked for these thoughts, but you're determined to get them under control.

Next come compulsions. 

You search for a solution, and the “rules” are born.


Maybe if you take certain, small actions, you can quiet the thoughts of danger—maybe even prevent danger itself.

Your mind tricks you into thinking that if you do them just one more time, all that pent-up anxiety will disappear.

Your "solutions" are now the new problems.   

Temporary relief is quickly replaced with more obsessions, followed by new compulsions you hope will soothe your worry.


Your distress worsens, which only amps up production of you obsessions and compulsions. 

And they're demanding 

More of your time becomes focused on rituals to keep everything under control, but that sense of control never comes.

Some days you can keep up with them without compromising your life.


Other days, your rituals prevent you from leaving the house, getting places on time, getting your work done.

It's time to face your fears.

The rituals aren't working. Even if they still provide some relief, they're not worth what they're costing you. 

The list of consequences is growing, and you can't keep this up much longer. 

That means trying something new, something that you haven't come up with on your own. Or maybe you know what to do, and you're too scared to do it.

You don't have to do this alone.

We understand the pain, the fear you're holding.


Let us help you with that burden. Together, we can fee you of this prison your mind has built for you.


It's ok to be afraid—it's part of the process. Just know there's relief on the other side. 

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